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9jaHob Olamide Wonma
9jaHob Olamide Wonma

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Lyrics of “No Time” by Olamide


Rolly on my wrist
But I got no time
Think about wole
Omo so le ya
Yeah i address the game
No Know go die
Pay me no attention omo wey the cash
Say owo this a hell
So I’m never going back
Being rich at 7 or nothing
Niggas that the fact
Blood in my eye
Omo no be joke
Niggas bitter like cola for real o
Omo no be coke
Awa go gan gbe se wole
Omo ma lo be
All my gang blood
All blood gang

Hard life black face
Gbe eje wole bi scar face
Niggas thought that I’m done running my ways
Trynna block my way
Still getting that wire
Don’t preach to the choir
Pope no be messiah
Building more than an empire
Still popping on every block like %#^* uno I’m underrock
Won so fun afoju pe ojo ro
Ti ogun ba de oya wole lo

No no level
Fear no devil
Uno know if you wan die
But you wan go heaven
E wo eje Lori alter
KPako to di buta
Going crazy on a daily basis
Only want to see the green faces
Drip poju oun je kan ma wet pata
Mo ti gbe sinu whip ki AC fe lu lara
Oro t’oun so si ni dictionary
Doggy dog word
Yo di funmi mi o se missionary

I’m not having it any other way
Get richer die trying
So I gatto grind every minute cos omo mi o se 9 to 5
I’ve been praying to save my son been working everything
Fuck the other day
We’ve been through
Just to make any man with that gatz be

Coastal ogaja
Sango Ipaja
Lekki ajah
Gbowo kaja
Smoke Fish je eja
Balu eja
Maryland Ikeja
Awon temi e ja

Ogbeni lojo lojo
Ma go ma go
E wo omo tan ba wi to lon se ba kan ba kan
Giran federal
Victor ikpeba
A po E kpa
E bo E ba

Ogbeni lojo lojo
Ma go ma go
E wo omo tan ba wi to lon se ba kan ba kan
E ran federal
Victor ikpeba
A po E kpa
E bo E ba

Moti jeya bi ti eba
Jen jaye aba
Omo oni ka ka
Ba Lori barber
Bi e ye adaba
Sanko Samba
Poverty o le to ja
Awa tan f’owo tamba
When I shoot shot its epic
Tunde Kelani
Show dey or no show
I dey tour the world like Buhari
Niggas don’t want to dey beef
I’m be herdsman like Fulani
When I’m gone my money no go finish like abacha sanni


Olamide no time lyrics

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